Difference Between Normal and Bullet Resistant Glass

If you fire a bullet at a piece of glass, the glass will shatter immediately as the bullet passes through it. This is because normal glass is not elastic, so it is not equipped to handle the impact of a bullet. It doesn’t stand a chance and breaks right away.Difference Between Normal and Bullet Resistant Glass

Bullet resistant glass, on the other hand, is constructed a lot differently than regular glass, which is why it is able to withstand most bullets and prevent them from penetrating its surface.

Bullet resistant glass is actually made up of several different layers of glass, and each layer gives this particular type of glass its strength and durability. The first layer of glass is just normal glass that will still break when a bullet hits it. But subsequently, there is an interlayer, usually polycarbonate that is equipped to handle the impact of a bullet.

The interlayer is soft, and unlike glass, it can stretch and deform when it is hit by something. So when a bullet strikes bullet resistant glass, the glass doesn’t shatter like it would if it were a regular piece of glass. Instead, the interlayer takes the energy from the bullet and absorbs it, slowing the bullet down ever so slightly. Somewhere along the line, the bullet loses all of its energy and is eventually stopped. It changes the shape of the glass, and it will be obvious that the glass has been struck by a bullet. But as long as the bullet resistant glass is thick enough, it will resist breaking altogether due to the bullet.

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