CAD/CAM Technician

Senior CAD/CAM Technician for CNC Machinery:

We are looking for a hands-on and proactive detail-oriented person to join our team. Ability to read, create and modify CAD drawings to be used in production is critical.  A solid comfort with basic math and geometry skills are required.  You will be responsible for the overall setup and operation for various CNC type equipment used for cutting and polishing of glass and steel.  Day to day responsibility will involve the creation of programs to process various parts to be produced along with ongoing recipe and tooling monitoring and creation to ensure quality levels and tolerances are maintained.  Because of the custom nature of our products we produce there will be a constant need for program and recipe development.  You must be comfortable working on multiple projects concurrently.  You must also be comfortable teaching other CAM operators how to continue production using your programs as you monitor to ensure the machine is operating correctly.

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Responsibilities include:

  • Review part drawings from engineering department and create CAM programs for production
  • Create new and update existing tooling process profiles
  • Monitor ongoing production equipment to ensure optimal outcomes
  • Assist CAM operators as required for both initial part production and possibly ongoing production
  • Organize and maintain internal CNC tooling capability lists
  • Create work instructions and maintenance scheduling to compliment our ISO 9001:2008 program
  • Lead machine production operation to maximize efficiency
  • Cross-train with other functions and assist as required

Job Requirements:

  • 3+ years of CAD experience
  • 3+ years of CAM experience
  • Proficiency with Algebra, measurements, and geometry
  • Work using imperial and metric units