Glass Types

At Bent Glass Design, we understand that each and every one of our clients is different, which means all of them have unique needs when it comes to bent glass. That’s why we offer a wide range of bent and curved glass types in order to serve a wide range of customers and industries in general. We offer our standard bent glass, which is available in several colors, shapes, and sizes, but that’s not all. Bent Glass Design also offers custom bent laminated glass that comes with several additional benefits and features. From sound control to UV protection, this is one type of glass you’ll want to take advantage of.

Below you will find detailed specifications about each type of glass we offer, including our special bent insulating glass. Browse our website to learn more about the curved glass that we have to offer, and of course get in touch with us if you would like additional details! Feel free to fill out the contact us at the bottom of the page, email us directly at or call 215-441-9101 if you are interested in any curved glass types for your project.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass incorporates both color and design and can be accomplished with many types and patterns of glass, as well as with tinted interlayers.

  • Glass Options

Many types of decorative patterned glasses are available.  Not all patterns are suitable for bending or laminating.  It is important to review the desired patterns with us to confirm fabrication details.  Glass with textured patterns may affect visibility and the passage of light.

  • Interlayer Options

of the design team.  Interlayers can provide translucency as well as color.  Opacity can be achieved by the use of opaque white or black interlayers.


Bent Glassbent glass example

  • Available in many sizes, shapes and colors
  • Sharp-angle bends up to 90 degrees, radiuses up to 180 degrees, multiple radii, double to triple reverse bends and other compound bends
  • Clear, tinted bronze, gray, green or blue glasses

Bent Laminated Glass

Bent Laminated Glass

  • Available in a variety of colors with no effect the clarity
  • Constructed by bonding two or more layers of bent glass with one or more layers
  • Complex shapes for use in architectural and automotive applications
  • Conforms to all major industry standards

Additional Benefits to Laminated Glass

Sound Control
  • Exterior noise can be effectively controlled over a wide range of frequencies through the use of Acoustical Glass panels
UV Protection
  • Protects against fading and damage of UV rays
  • Interlayer is available in clear and a variety of tints
Energy Control
  • Improved energy performance through the use of high performance glasses and interlayers
Bullet Resistant Bent Glass
  • Resists the penetration of bullets fired from a variety of small arms such as pistols and rifles
  • Constructed using laminated glass of appropriate thickness and configuration along with a flexible bonding interlayer of polyvinyl butyral

Bent Insulating Glass - Curved Insulating Glass

Bent Insulating Glass

  • Saves significantly on energy costs
  • Provides additional benefits such as exterior noise reduction
  • Bent Glass Design insulating glass units are fabricated using two layers of bent glass and a sealed air space
  • These insulated glass units are constructed using various industry standard spacer materials