Architectural Glass

    • Turns a typical glazing detail into an exciting, innovative architectural statement
    • Conforms to safety and industry standards
    • Improves acoustical performance
    • Sharp angle bends up to 90 degrees, radius bends up to 180 degrees, multiple radii bends and compound bends in sizes up to 80″ x 156″
    • Offers innovative design possibilities
    • Helps reduce fading of fabrics and furniture
    • Provides safety, resistance to fading and acoustical control
    • Used in skylights, railings, interior partitions, curtain walls, windows and doors
    • Glass available in uncoated clear or tinted in a variety of colors including bronze, gray, green and blue
    • Edgework includes seamed, pencil ground, pencil polished, flat ground with chamfer and flat polished with chamfer
Custom Architectural & Specialty Bent Glass

Safety Standards

When bent glass is laminated, it complies with industry requirements for safety glazing, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard 16 CFR 1201 and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z97.1.

Additionally, bent laminated glass meets most model building code requirements for safety and overhead glazing applications. Contact us today by phone, email or website. Click here for our general contact form, or here to request a quote.