Interior Architectural Glass

Contemporary designs meet traditional elegance with bent architectural glass.

This type of glass is classical in nature and can be seen in a variety of interior applications. From beautiful staircases to delicate light fixtures, our bent architectural glass makes a statement in any setting.

The versatility of the glass allows us to bend and shape it to create a custom architectural glass design, unique to your needs and niche industry. After that, the beauty of every bent glass design speaks for itself.

Why Utilize Architectural Glass?

interior glass partitionsGlass, when used in architecture, can transform a structure, enhancing the brightness, transparency and style of any room.

It emphasizes color and design, opening up a space and reinforcing your own personal style or that of your specific industry. Glass opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to architecture, so now it’s time to rethink your interior design.

At Bent Glass Design, we offer a wide variety of glass types that will be customized to meet your needs and add value to your modern architecture.

Interior Architectural Glass Applications

There are many different interior applications for architectural glass:

Glass Walls & Partitions

When designing with architectural glass, you can control the transparency and amount of light passing through to your space.

Break up a large room without the full barriers of a wall with glass partitions, establishing privacy while keeping the sense of an open space and the amount of natural light streaming in.

Architectural Glass Staircase

patterned glass staircase inside home

Staircases are beautiful architectural pieces just by themselves. And more often now, bent glass is being incorporated into the design, adding a level of grandeur and beautiful fragility.

However, bent architectural glass is not fragile in the slightest. This glass is crafted to hold both its own weight and the weight of the people walking on it.

At Bent Glass Design, we have refined our architectural glass work to ensure artistic value of the staircase, as well as the functionality and safety of the feature.

Most commonly seen in bannisters and railings, our bent architectural glass flows seamlessly with your overall design, custom fit to meet your personal style and needs.

Glass Lighting Fixtures

Since we are able to modify the shape, texture and color of our specialty bent glass, it is commonly used to elevate a lighting fixture within a home or office.

Just like the glass, the light shown through is bent and shaped to create a beautiful setting tailored to your desired ambience. You can emphasize color and texture to make a more vibrant fixture or choose to dull down the amount of light passing through and create a more subtle piece.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Bent glass can easily enhance any bathroom, bringing a more polished look and feel to a residence.

Our architectural glass will be measured and specifically crafted to fit the shape of your bathroom and shower area. It’s the touch of elegance you’ve been looking for to lift your interior design to the next level, adding dimension and a modern look with different shapes, artistic patterns and hues.

If you’re looking for trusted architectural glass manufacturers, then look no further than Bent Glass Design. Our team works with you to create a design that works for you.

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