Exterior Architectural Glass

Bent glass has become very popular in modern architecture, bringing a delicate feel and aesthetic appeal to buildings and structures around the world.

As experienced glass manufacturers, we have shaped glass into a multitude of custom designs and structures.

modern architectural glass artwork outsideThis is all due to the beauty and flexibility of the glass itself.

The malleability of glass gives the creator a certain sense of freedom in design to mold the material in many versatile ways. From customizing interlayers with different hues, to adding artistic patterns and texture, our team will be able to craft the glass piece to meet all your needs.

Our elegant architectural glass has been used in several exterior applications and in a variety of styles.

Our curved and bent glass is manufactured to meet any necessary size, shape, and color specifications, making every project unique and customized to the client.

Bringing Expanded Views of the Outdoors

Architectural glass is seen most often in exterior applications, whether it be a statement piece or the glass windows of a building. This is due to the fact that many discovered the many creative benefits that architectural glass held for their pieces.

Incorporating glass allows you to transmit as much natural light as you want into the interior of a structure or through an architectural piece, adding dimension and intrigue to your design.

Architectural glass can be laminated to provide a higher level of security, including forced entry, ballistics, blast and severe weather protection.  The number of glass plies and the thickness of the interlayers will depend on the intended use of the product.  They key benefit of laminated glass is its ability to retain glass fragments after breakage.  Additionally, broken laminated glass serves as a barrier to entry.  Various codes and standards address these different levels of performance.

Exterior Architectural Glass Applications

There are many different ways you can utilize glass in architecture:

Windows & Doors

Bent glass offers a striking alternative to flat glass in windows and doors.  Besides their aesthetic appeal, bent, bent laminated, and bent insulating glass units provide a myriad of benefits, including safety, security, and sound control.

Domes and Barrel Vaulted Skylights

Bent glass ceilings are quite the architectural masterpieces. The glass works effortlessly to provide natural light inside, as well as a remarkable appearance from the outside.

Elevating the elegance of the structure, you can find gorgeous bent glass domes and barrel-vaulted ceilings in conservatories, cathedrals, and other impressive buildings like the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria.

Glass Railings

Often, glass railing panels are seen around outdoor staircases, balconies, patios and observation decks.

The bent glass used in these designs adds a new dynamic element to the structures without obstructing the view. Whether it’s your back patio or a lookout point over a beautiful waterfall, the architectural glass adds value to the railing system, instead of taking away from it.


Bent glass storefronts can make a statement, allowing your storefront to stand out among the competition.  If security is a concern, bent laminated glass can be provided to improve resistance to smash and grab crime.

At Bent Glass Design, we are a team of innovators, designers and manufacturers ready to build custom architectural glass for your next project.

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