Curving Capabilities:

ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. also provides a variety of glass options including uncoated clear or tinted, pyrolitic reflective and low E, spandrel, wire and patterned glasses as well as special edgework and polishing. Technical assistance is always available to assist you during the design phase of your project.

Chemically Strengthened Glass:

ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. can provide additional strength to glass lites through a chemical strengthening process known as ion-exchange. The glass is submerged in a bath of potassium nitrate where the large alkali potassium ions exchange places with the smaller alkali sodium ions in the surface of the glass. Because chemically strengthened glass breaks in a pattern similar to annealed glass, it is not used by itself as a safety glazing material. It can be laminated for a variety of security, and transportation applications.