Acid-Etched Laminates Surround Exterior Columns

SKL Glass is located on Staten Island, New York.  This family business has over 20 years’ experience in the business of glass, mirror, and window treatment installations.  The company specializes in store front and emergency repairs but takes on a variety of architectural projects that include shower door and glass partition installations.    

Bent Glass architectural glass design

SKL reached out to Bent Glass Design to supply glass for a project in New York City.  Both flat and curved laminated glass were fabricated for the customer.  Acid-etched glass, part of the Walker Glass Textures® collection was laminated with an opaque white interlayer to give the desired opacity. The laminates were installed around existing columns on the building to create an attractive exterior façade. 

Besides acid-etched glass, laminated glass constructions can incorporate a variety of decorative glass products, including patterned glasses, tinted glasses, and mirrors.  In addition, interlayers are available in clear and tinted to enhance the unique appearance of the laminates.  For more information on decorative glass, contact Customer Service.

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