Why Is Laminated Glass the Right Choice?

Laminated Glass If you’re working on a building something for a home or an office and it requires glass, you might think any glass will do. However, there are numerous benefits to using laminated glass for your project.


While ordinary glass is brittle and can break into large, sharp pieces that can potentially cause injury, laminated safety glass will fracture and stay together because of its interlayer. This is helpful, especially if the glass is going to be used in skylights or sunspaces, as broken glass from falling glass at these increased heights could lead to serious injuries for anyone in the room in the unfortunate situation where the glass is broken.

Sound Reduction

Nothing is more annoying than sitting down to work and being disturbed by unwelcome outside noise. Laminated glass is made to reduce sound from the environment outside, making sure that you can get what you need done in peace.

Weather/Natural Disasters

Laminated glass is also very durable. So if what you’re building happens to be in an area that gets extreme weather such as heavy rain or hurricane like conditions, laminated glass will not shatter from falling or flying debris or heavy hail storms, keeping you safe inside your home.

UV Control

You shouldn’t feel like you’re getting a tan just sitting by the window. Laminated glass’ composition blocks harmful UV rays and helps to protect you from the damage they can cause. This helps you not only stay cool and protected, but also still enjoy the sunshine.


Many burglars break into a home by smashing through a window. With laminated glass, these would-be thieves will be unable to enter. When force is applied to a laminated glass window, its interlayer will keep the glass in place, preventing the bandit from gaining access to your house and keeping your belongings where they should be – inside your home.

Bent Glass Design specializes in custom fabricated curved glass, with a wide variety of design styles and options available – including laminated glass. Our years of experience will help make sure you get the glass you need for your project. For more information on our bent glass solutions, give us a call today at 215-441-9101.

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