A 63-Story Glass Tower is Coming to New York City

A 63-Story Glass Tower is Coming to New York CityThink New York City already has enough high rises? Well, SL Green Realty doesn’t think so, and now they’re getting ready to develop a gorgeous glass skyscraper called One Vanderbilt that will rival the height of the Empire State Building and forever change the skyline of New York City.

According to the New York Times, the new building will connect commuters funneling into the city from Grand Central to a new Midtown East, and the project hopes to revitalize construction in the neighborhood. But this building isn’t solely designed for function. In fact, its glass construction was designed to highlight the nearby historic façade of Grand Central Station as well.

Years ago when Grand Central Station was first built, the architects who designed the buildings that surround the station were required to use masonry that matched Grand Central’s façade. The intent of the architects was to give the blocks surrounding the terminal hub symmetry and sense of consistency, but some say that the matching masonry had the opposite effect. Rather than standing as a testament to Grand Central’s glory, many of the surrounding buildings came to blend in with the area, and ultimately made Grand Central fade into the background. Rather than celebrating Grand Central, the surrounding block drew attention away from it.

SL Green Realty doesn’t want that to happen again. So while the base of the new building at One Vanderbilt will match the masonry that graces the façade of Grand Central, the upper floors will be made of glass, rather than stone. The building’s designers hope that the glass architecture will allow Grand Central to shine on its own, while also illuminating the beauty of its next door neighbor.

Keep an eye on the skyline, New Yorkers—come 2020, it will look a bit different and feature some beautiful new glass design.

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Will Bent Glass Design provide any of the glass for One Vanderbilt, and will some of it be dimmable?


It is still too early to say if we will be involved or if they will use a dimmable solution, though I would expect dimming to be a long-shot.


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