Where Acoustical Glass Can Be Installed & How it Works

Acoustic Glass Installation Especially in urban areas, noise pollution is a common problem faced both in the workplace and at home. If the blaring sound of honking horns has become unbearable to deal with, acoustical glass may be the perfect solution for your space.

Acoustical glass creates a barrier that outdoor noises have trouble breaking through, dampening the sounds of foot traffic, vehicles and more through the installation of at least two sheets of bonded glass.

So where can acoustical glass be installed? The possibilities are endless.

Install acoustical glass throughout the home

Especially if your home is located near train tracks or an airport, many different aspects of your life can be affected by outside noise. If you always adjusting the volume on your television, waiting to finish conversations until the noise dies down or struggling to get a good night’s sleep, acoustical glass can provide much needed relief.

Installed throughout your home or just in your bedrooms, it will muffle these loud noises dramatically, allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet within your home.

Install acoustical glass in business windows

Whether your important meetings and conference calls are being disrupted, or you just feel like outdoor noise creates a distraction for employees and clients, installing acoustical glass in your windows can greatly reduce your problems.

By insulating your building windows from unnecessary noise, you will be able to create a calm and refreshing office experience for employees and clients. From doctors’ offices to yoga studios, all different types of businesses can benefit from noise reduction – especially those located in an area where a lot is going on outside the windows.

Install acoustical glass in place of traditional skylights

A beautiful way to bring extra light into your space and enjoy the evening sky, a skylight is a wonderful addition to any space – until it starts to rain.

Instead of having to leave the room every time a thunderstorm starts, have acoustical glass installed in your skylight to ensure you can enjoy your space regardless of the weather outside.

Now that you know where you can install acoustical glass, let’s look at how acoustical glass works:

Whether or not you realize it, you probably experience noise pollution every day. Whether you’re trying to get to sleep at night or working in your office, there is most likely some level of outside noise causing a disruption. From ordinary traffic to a nearby airport, outside noise can cause a variety of problems for people – including stress.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Having acoustical glass installed throughout your property is one of the simplest ways to reduce outside noise. How exactly does this special type of glass work?

For starters, it’s not just a single piece of glass. Instead, it is made up of at least two sheets that are bonded together with an interlayer between the sheets of glass that acts as a noise-dampening barrier. By the time most noise makes its way through the glass, it becomes almost inaudible to people on the other side – if not eliminated completely.

People insulate their walls to keep out cold air, and this is basically the same concept. It’s insulation from outside noise that can cause major distractions depending on your location. There is always going to be some decibel of sound that makes it through your windows, but why not reduce that number so it’s practically inaudible?

If you’re in need of simple and affordable acoustical glass in a uniquely contoured or bent shape for your home, business or other application, you can rely on the professionals at Bent Glass Design. We can create simple and affordable acoustical glass pieces in uniquely contoured and bent shapes, we have solutions for every space. Contact us today to learn more about our acoustical glass solutions!

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