Using Interlayers to Create Artistic Glass Designs

Glass is widely used in commercial and residential buildings for everything from windows to countertops to floors. This versatile material is also available in nearly any imaginable shape or size. One newer trend that is becoming popular is using interlayers to create artistic glass designs.Using Interlayers to Create Artistic Glass Designs

The glass in your building may serve multiple purposes, including allowing light to pass through, sound and temperature control, and even artistic expressions. You may already be aware of the safety benefits of laminated glass, but this glass may also be turned into a work of art through the use of colored interlayers while it is being manufactured.

Laminated glass is constructed with an interlayer between the layers of glass

This interlayer serves an important function in allowing the glass to retain its form when it is cracked or shattered. Laminated glass in buildings is considerably safer than other options because it is designed to not collapse when it breaks. This interlayer design also allows interesting artistic opportunities for laminated glass.

Laminated glass is most often constructed with a clear interlayer, but many more options are available

The glass can also be constructed with an opaque or translucent interlayer that is colored or features a design. The possibilities for artistic, laminated glass are diverse. Your laminated glass can express beauty, an interest, or even branding or marketing messages.

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