Skylights and the Benefits of Natural Light

Overhead glass, whether flat or curved, has many positive benefits for people inside buildings. Rather than depend on electric lights to illuminate the interior areas of buildings, skylights and other forms of overhead glazing, enable natural light to enter the building to perform the same function. 

Bent glass for skylight windows in building

Natural Light Benefits

Studies have shown that natural light increases retail sales in shopping malls, improves student performance in schools, and reduces absenteeism in offices. According to author and architect, Lisa Heschong, daylight is essential for human health and well-being. She expands on the importance of daylighting in her 2021 book, Visual Delight in Architecture Daylight Vision and View

Bent Glass Design manufactures laminated glass for overall glass applications that include barrel vaulted and domed skylights. The glass is laminated to meet building code requirements for safety. In addition, the laminated glass interlayer blocks practically all ultraviolet radiation without sacrificing visual transmittance. Bent glass comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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