Privacy Glass in Philadelphia Hospital Enhances the Patient Experience

Privacy Glass is a unique interior or exterior option for glazing in many applications, including shower enclosures, windows, projection displays, and skylights.  One special use of this glazing is found in patients’ rooms at a major Philadelphia hospital.  Privacy glass enables gives patients control turn glass partitions from clear to translucent with the flip of a switch. The transparent state connects patients to the activities and people outside of their rooms, while the transparent state affords privacy when needed.

Privacy Glass from Bent Glass Design

Privacy Glass manufactured by Bent Glass Design is a laminated glass product that incorporates Polyvision® privacy film from Polytronix.  It is sandwiched between two pieces of glass to create a special form of safety glazing.  When electricity is applied to the film, the glass panel is clear.  The glass turns from clear to translucent when the power is off. The clear or translucent state is controlled by the room occupant.

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