NK Woodworking & Design

As a specialty architectural glass fabricator, we at Bent Glass Design, have occasion to work with exceptionally talented artists.  One of these artists is Nathie Katzoff, founder of NK Woodworking & Design in Seattle. Nathie creates one-of-a-kind spectacular staircases, furniture and other architectural art pieces.

The staircases designed by NK Woodworking have a sculptural appearance, many appear to be floating from one floor to the next. Others are curved or circular, paired with artistic wood or metal railings.  Custom furniture, including benches, tables—even bathtubs, are made with hardwoods, bronze, stainless steel, and art glass. According to Nathie, domestic hardwoods are either reclaimed or from local Washington arborists.

Fused glass and cast glass pieces offer color, texture, and drama not found in standard glass applications. These glass pieces can be hung over a window or backlit with LED lighting to accentuate color and form. There is only one way to appreciate the beauty of this art, and that’s to visit the gallery in person or the website of NK Woodworking, www.nkwoodworking.com.

Steve Lerner, President of Bent Glass Design, notes that Bent Glass Design has always felt privileged to collaborate with artists like Nathie Katzoff, who may require laminating or other types of architectural glass fabrication to finish off their projects.  “Our goal is to focus on durability and performance and let the beauty of the art take center stage.”

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