Laminated Glass in Railing Systems

Laminated Glass Uses Do you want to make the railings in your home or business stand out? You can do it by utilizing laminated glass in your railing systems.

Whether you choose to use a clear laminated glass or one that has been tinted or covered in a custom print, you can do so many things with laminated glass these days. You can have it lay flat or curved, support it on all of its edges or used bolts to offer minimum support, and do more to really make your railing systems look as unique as possible.

More and more home and business owners are turning to laminated glass for their railing systems because it makes spaces appear more open. You can use laminated glass on a railing system in your foyer and avoid having a staircase ruin the flow of your modern home. You can also use it on a railing system in a shopping center or hotel and make it look bigger.

There are many rules and regulations concerning the use of glass in a railing system. Laminated glass is the type of glass that’s used because, if it ever breaks, it won’t shatter and send glass flying everywhere. It will keep the glass intact so that people aren’t injured by it. Most railings systems that use laminated glass also need to have handrails, guardrails, guards, and other things incorporated into the design to keep it safe. It’s why you should make sure you work with an experienced glass company if you ever have a railing system with laminated glass installed in your home or business.

If you’ve been thinking about installing one, Bent Glass Design, Inc. would love to show you what we can do for you. Call us at 215-441-9101 today to start creating one for your residential or commercial property.

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