Facts About Laminated Glass Sound Dampening

Facts About Laminated Glass Sound DampeningDo you want to soundproof your home and prevent barking dogs and noisy neighbors from waking you up in the morning, or do you want to stop the noise you are generating inside of your business from affecting those around you? One great way to do these things is by installing laminated glass. Laminated glass can dampen sound effectively and give you more peace and quiet. Check out a few facts about using laminated glass for sound dampening below.

Laminated glass is built to stop sound

While laminated glass was originally designed to prevent glass from shattering into many little pieces when it broke, the construction of it led to it being able to dampen sound. Laminated glass consists of two glass panes with an interlayer in between them. When these factors come together, they reduce the vibrations sound creates and muffle most sounds that would come right through ordinary glass. Laminated glass is a better sound insulator than monolithic (annealed or tempered) glass. The plastic interlayers provide a degree of sound absorption.

There are also special “acoustic grade interlayers” that can be used that perform slightly better sound absorption than standard interlayers. What’s even better at sound absorption? Laminated and insulated glass!

Laminated glass is great when used in tandem with other soundproofing elements in your home or business

While laminated glass will stop most sound from entering your home or business, there are other elements—like your walls and the spaces around your windows—that could be allowing sound to enter. If you notice that sound is still coming through when you have laminated glass installed, you should check these elements out to see if they are causing the issue since it usually won’t be your laminated windows you need to worry about.

Do you want to install windows in your home or business that will keep sound out? Bent Glass Design can provide you with laminated glass options. Call us at 215-441-9101 to find out more about the benefits of installing laminated glass!


Siddhesh Gathe

We need acoustic glass for reducing the dB level of the metal blanking machine in our company. The existing dB level of the machine is approximately 88 dB. Please suggest us a suitable soundproof glass for reducing the db level as much as possible for the same.

Sebastian Raeuber


We’d like to construct a glass house and will have various different music performers playing but as much as possible we don’t want to disturb the neighbors. Should we rather get 12mm tempered glass or 10mm laminated glass?

Your advice would be sooooo much appreciated.

Thanks & kind regards,


It all depends on what frequencies and reduction levels you are targeting and how far away the neighbors are. We cannot give specific guidance here as you should talk to a professional about this specific need, but here is some general information… Laminated glass with the correct interlayer will block more of the higher frequency sound, but mass is an important factor in reducing lower frequency sounds and so the 12mm would block that better than the 10mm laminated glass, but neither are likely to be significant enough if the music is that loud and the neighbor is that close. If these are exterior windows, I’d assume they will be insulated which can also help some as well, but doing a moving window with sound reduction beyond using a triple-insulated unit is likely to be too heavy to operate. In sound rooms, we are often using 20+mm thick laminated glass to block the drumming and strong bases. All that being said, you are likely best off by making sure the window unit frame and joints are all well sealed, this will both improve insulation performance AND sound reduction.

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Which would be better at reduce outside noise, 2 separate pieces of laminated glass or 1 piece of laminated glass and 1 tempered glass both with 1/2 inch spacer?


It depends on the interlayer used, but the gain by going to two layers of laminated is likely not worth the added cost unless you are looking to really maximize the noise reduction. In that case, it would also be beneficial to increase the thickness of the laminates as well since mass also helps with sound reduction.


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