Curved Laminated Glass Railings

Glass is often the material of choice for designers who seek an elegant transparent, yet sturdy, building material. The latest designs for curved glass railings used in guards or handrails incorporate glass that has been strengthened and then laminated for safety. These railings become the centerpiece of an interior space.  

Here’s a look at two outstanding projects.

glass railing spiral stairs

Private Residence in Manhattan

Caliper Studio, a multi-disciplinary design and fabrication studio based in New York City, designed and installed this laminated glass handrail and steel stair project.  The laminated incorporates distortion-free chemically strengthened glass.  The architect for this private residence was Tadao Ando.

Madison Square

Madison Square Park Private Residence 

This laminated glass project, also designed and installed by Caliper Studio, features a cantilever stair with glass guardrail ribbon that follows the edge of the stair treads from a gentle curve to a tight radius at the switchback.  Thomas Juul-Hansen LLC was the architect for this private residence in New York City.

Building Code Requirements

The 2015 edition of the International Building Code has adopted changes that affect the use of glass in flat or curved railing systems.  In general, the use of monolithic tempered glass has been replaced by laminated glass.  The main advantage to laminated glass is that broken glass adheres to the interlayer, rather than falling out of the frame.  

We are seeing architects around the globe embrace creative designs using curved glass, and we are excited and proud at Bent Glass Design to be a part of this industry.  

Enhance Your Glass Project with Bent Glass Design

Your glass project has the ability to become a curved glass masterpiece with the help of Bent Glass DesignOur glass can be used for a wide variety of architectural glass projects including skylights, doors, windows, and interior designs. If you’re looking to obtain glass that will be aesthetic and give you the benefit of safety, exterior noise reduction, and more, contact Bent Glass Design at 215-441-9101 today! 

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