Bent Glass, the Shapely Alternative to Flat Glass

If flat glass is the norm, bent glass goes one step further in enhancing architectural and interior design.   Bent glass shapes offer a variety of options.  From a shallow or cylindrical bent to a complex curve to a curve plus tangents, these shapes attract attention and create interest.

Glass rails in home

You may wonder how bent glass is fabricated.  The process requires steel molds that are used for slumping the flat glass into the desired curved shape.  The glass is placed on top of a pre-heated mold and then placed into a kiln.  At about 600 °C, the flat glass begins to soften and bend, bending into the shape of the mold.  After a slow cooling down process, the glass can be laminated or insulated for additional performance.

Order bent glass requires an accurate description of the intended shape.  There are two ways to do this.  The first consists of the girth, height or width, and radius dimensions.  When the radius is not known, the chord and depth dimensions can be provided.  If precise dimensions cannot be provided, a hardboard or mylar template will be required with contour tracing and other dimensions noted on the template. 

The diagram below defines the shape requirements for you.

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