Glass Railings Show off Merchandise

Retail stores with interior glass railings accomplish several key objectives. First, the transparency of glass enables shoppers to view the array of merchandise—even when they are moving from one floor to another. Second, glass railings are unobtrusive. They may be in the center of the retail floor, but they do not become a visual obstacle. If anything, the glass itself is a pleasant attractive feature of the space. Finally, glass railings meet building code requirements for design and safety. Flat or curved strengthened glass is typically laminated to prevent glass fallout if breakage should occur. The strengthened glass offers a higher level of impact resistance compared to annealed glass. 

Interior glass railing of the new Nike Store in Aventura, FL

Brand New Nike Store in Aventura, FL

A great example of a retail establishment with curved and flat laminated glass railings is the new Nike Store in Aventura, Florida. This project was installed by M. Cohen & Sons, a fourth-generation metal working company located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. Premier Metal Fabrication and Woodworking Experts | M Cohen and Sons.

Bent Glass Design

Bent Glass Design offers a range of bending options for curved laminated glass railings. The glass can be chemically strengthened and then laminated for safety. The chemical strengthening process known as ion-exchange calls for glass to be submerged in a bath of potassium nitrate where the large alkali potassium ions exchange places with the smaller alkali sodium ions in the surface of the glass. Chemically Strengthened Glass Suppliers | Bent Glass Design

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