Getting Creative with Laminated Glass

Getting Creative with Laminated GlassIf you are replacing the windows on your home or business, you will have the option of using a few different kinds of glass to do it. One of the best choices is laminated glass. You can get really creative with laminated glass and utilize it to enjoy the benefits that come along with it. Check out some of the ways you can transform your home or business simply by going with laminated glass.

You can use laminated glass to make your home or business more comfortable

Is there a portion of your home or business that is negatively impacted by the sun? Laminated glass can reflect UV rays and prevent them from getting into your home. This will stop the sun from damaging furniture, carpeting, hardwood flooring, walls, and more. It will also keep your home or business cooler overall and allow you to regulate the temperature more effectively.

You can use laminated glass to make your home or business safer

Are you installing windows in a part of your home or business that could potentially be susceptible to someone trying to break in? Unlike tempered glass, laminated safety glass is very difficult to break, and if it does break, it will only crack, not shatter. For that reason, you can use laminated glass to make a home or business safer.

You can use laminated glass to make your home or business less noisy

Those who live or work near a busy street or something else that causes a lot of noise can really benefit from laminated glass. Laminated glass will help block noise and prevent it from getting into your home or business. You won’t believe just how quiet it will be when you have laminated glass windows installed instead of ones made with tempered glass.

Would you like to learn more about getting creative with laminated glass in your home or business? Bent Glass Design would be happy to help. We can speak with you about the benefits of laminated glass and show you some options. Call us at 215-441-9101 today for more information!

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