Customizing Architectural Glass

Whether it is monolithic, laminated or insulated, curved glass is sure to turn a standard glass application into one that is unique and eye-catching. There are many options to consider when customizing architectural glass.

How to Plan Your Glass Design

Curved glass window for architectural glass design

First, what is the glass shape and size that best complements the designer’s vision for the space?  Second, are there specific performance requirements, such as wind load or impact resistance, that will dictate glass thickness and type?  Third, what are the decorative goals of the project?  In other words, are color and texture part of the design?

The best way to move forward on a curved glass project is to compile a list of all of the glass requirements and discuss with a customer service representative at Bent Glass Design. This collaboration between them and Bent Glass Design is the key to a successful outcome. To learn about our glass design capabilities, click here to learn more!

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