Bent Glass Types from A to Z – or At Least to M

Glass is one of the most beautiful components to architectural designs. Glass can add a sophisticated and elegant element to an otherwise typical structure. When light reflects through well designed glass, it illuminates a space and adds a vibrant and airy feel to the room.

Bent glass is a specific type of glass construction and is seen in a wide variety of structures – everything from residences to commercial property and even industrial warehouses. Bent glass is part of a growing demand for unique architecture and custom bent glass provides architects with new design options and flexibility.

Type J GlassGlass is a very strong, durable and resilient material that can be bent into a variety of shapes and designs. Bent glass is not only used to provide an aesthetic appeal, but it can also be a savvy design option for oddly shaped spaces. There is a specific process for bending glass, and Bent Glass Design Inc. has the capability to maneuver glass and bend it in various ways.

There are many different types and shapes of bent glass. Our company has your bent glass needs covered from A to Z – well, to M actually. A complete list of our bent glass types and their specifications is available on our capabilities page, but let’s take a quick look at the different types of bent glass.

Our full range of bent glass capabilities provide the end user with a wealth of potential applications. We have a dozen different bent glass types, each used for different applications. For example, type A bent glass has a shallow cylindrical bend with an arc not to exceed 58 degrees, while type B glass retains the cylindrical bend but with an arc between 58 degrees and 90 degrees.

Going forward down the list, each bent glass type ranges from a cylindrical bend to a curve plus bend, a non-circular curve and central curve. The degree of each bend varies between just a few degrees of bend all the way up to 180 degrees, with the different types dictating the overall style and pattern of each pane. Each bent glass type can also be further refined with custom edge work to work in any application, and we can even apply tints, reflective coating, polishing or chemical strengthening treatments to create the perfect bent glass for your design.

For nearly 30 years, Bent Glass Design has offered high quality bended glass solutions for a wide variety of projects. For more information on their capabilities or to learn more about ordering custom-bent glass for your project, contact Bent Glass Design Inc. by calling 215-441-9101.

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