Benefits of Using Laminated Safety Glass

In large-scale construction projects, it’s important to choose glass that will be durable and safe for all future occupants in the building. While the folks at Bent Glass Design typically focus on more decorative elements, we know that laminated safety glass is an excellent choice for building construction—here’s why.

Difference Between Normal and Bullet Resistant Glass

Why It’s Used

In large buildings, safety glass can create a better, more comfortable environment. Safety glass blocks more noise and UV radiation from outside, so employees in a commercial building will be safe from the sun’s rays, and they won’t have to deal with the loud traffic noise all day.

Safety is the Most Important

For applications that require especially strong and damage-resistant glass, laminated safety glass is the way to go. First and foremost, if laminated glass is broken, the laminate layers will prevent panes from shattering like regular glass, keeping anyone in the vicinity safe from flying glass fragments. The fragments will stay bonded to the interior layers of the glass, rather than flying all over the place.

The laminate layers that keep safety glass from shattering also give it an added element of security. Someone who is trying to break into the building won’t be able to enter easily by shattering safety glass in a door or window—if a thief tries to break the glass, it will remain in one solid piece. Laminated glass can even be designed to be bullet resistant.

Bent Glass Design

At Bent Glass Design, we specialize in laminated safety glass and curved glass for a variety of industries including architectural and safety industries. For more information on this type of glass, or to speak to one of the talented team members at Bent Glass Design, contact us at 215-441-9101 today!

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