Advantages of Laminated Glass Floors

Advantages of Laminated Glass FloorsDo you want to add a really cool architectural feature to an office building, school, hospital, shopping center, or other commercial space? Then you should consider going with laminated glass floors. They are very unique and can add the wow factor to just about any architectural design. There are also many advantages that come along with using laminated glass floors.

They help transmit light through different levels of a structure

When you have laminated glass floors installed inside of a building, they will allow you to disperse light through the different floors in that building without a problem. This will come in handy when you have laminated glass floors in a space like a museum, a mall, or another open space. Whether you want to provide light to the various levels of a building for security purposes or you want to do it as a decorative feature, your laminated floors will make it possible.

They can be engineered to fit just about any space

When you decide to go with laminated glass floors in a space, they will typically need to be custom built to fit your needs. This means that you can have them engineered to fit whatever space you are trying to fill. You can choose to make an entire floor out of laminated glass or just fill a portion of it with laminated glass. It’s really all up to you.

They aren’t as difficult to install or replace as you might imagine

In the past, old glass floors were difficult to install, and once they were in, it was very hard to replace individual pieces from them. It’s why some people chose not to install them in the first place. But today’s laminated glass floors are much simpler to install, and if you ever need to replace the whole floor or a piece of it, it’s not difficult to do. You can update your look over the years or fix the floor if it ever sustains any damage.

If you are interested in learning more about installing laminated glass floors, Bent Glass Design, Inc. can provide you with information about it. Call us at 215-441-9101 today to see how a laminated glass floor can transform your space!


William Scheckel

I’m interested in installing a clear, tempered laminated glass threshold in my house (12″ x 72″, over brick). Can you please tell me more about what my options are (and whether you service New Jersey)?


William, we can certainly provide you with tempered laminated glass, but we would like to discuss some details about the application. It is a bit too much to put into an email or a comment field. If you can call us at your convenience, we can talk about your project. Thanks.


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