Upgrade Your Home to a Broken Floor Plan

glass wall in broken floor plan homeThe open floor plan design has become incredibly popular in recent years, melding living areas together into one large space that creates an increased flow of communication and an opportunity to spend more time together as a family.

Similar in style to the open floor plan is the broken plan home model discussed by Houzz in a recent article. The perfect compromise between the sweeping expanse of an open floor plan and the closed off traditional floor plan of older homes, the broken floor plan divides your open space subtly, creating more private areas and wall space for furniture.

There are plenty of different tactics you can employ to transform your home into a more broken floor plan, and here are just a few of our favorites.

Let Light In

The very best thing about an open floor plan is the way it brightens up your home, allowing light to reach every corner of your space. If you are looking to maintain the amount of natural light in your space, while creating a bit more privacy than your open floor plan allows for, a broken floor plan is a wonderful compromise.

Open shelving units, wide doorways and bent glass walls are just a few of the many options you have to separate spaces without blocking the flow of light in your home.

Create Split Levels

If you are looking to create a break between your dining area and living room area in an open floor plan, a simple and attractive way to do so is by making one area higher than the other. This difference in height, accompanied by a stylish railing or partial wall will give the areas of your home the separation you crave while maintaining the open, airy feeling you love in your open plan space.

Incorporate Partial Walls

The perfect way to block your kitchen counters from the view of guests in your living room, a partial wall will let plenty of light in for you to chop veggies and prepare dinner, while still providing you with a bit of privacy while you work.

A curved, glass partition with colored or etched glass will compliment your modern home style beautifully without compromising the light and accessible feeling that makes open floor plans so popular.

At Bent Glass Design, we absolutely love the look of broken floor plan homes, as well as the amount of creativity these spaces allow for. If you are interested in enhancing your renovation with curved glass, our team can help you to create the durable, customized piece you are envisioning. Learn more about our services online and contact us by phone at 215-441-9101 to get started on your curved glass project.

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