Glass Food Display Case Fixtures

If you run a café, bakery, or other food-based establishment, finding an attractive way to display your products can be a challenge. You don’t want to leave your delicious creations on an open counter or table, where they could be stolen or contaminated and give the wrong first impression. But they won’t exactly stick out on wall shelves either. A simple solution? Invest in a custom glass display case!

Bent Glass Designs has been manufacturing specialty bent glass for decades. Our professionals will gladly work with you to create a glass food display fixture that makes your products look delectable and keeps them fresh all day.

Custom Bent Glass Cases for Food Display

Shoppers who are buying food often want to see what their options look like before they decide. A certain wrap or pastry may sound good, but seeing it is what can really put their taste buds over the edge. Glass cases offer an easy, hygienic, and beautiful option to protect your food and entice your customers to make a purchase.

At Bent Glass Designs, we can make refrigerated and non-refrigerated glass food display cases for food service and hospitality businesses located anywhere. Our food display fixtures consist of two pieces of clear bent insulating glass separated by a thermoset silicone spacer that reduces moisture and improves glass retention and strength. Your products will keep their color, shape, and texture from open to close and catch the eye of everyone passing by.

Do you need something to make your food products stand out while keeping them fresh and beautiful? Contact Bent Glass Design today to request a quote for a custom glass food display fixture!