Insulating Glass

Insulating glass units consist of two lites of monolithic glass, one lite of monolithic/one
laminated, or two lites of laminated glass on either side of sealed air space. Skylight glazing is
typically construction with an outboard tempered or heat-strengthened lite of glass and an
inboard laminated glass lite. The laminated glass lite provides overhead safety from falling
glass if breakage should occur. Acoustical units may have one or both laminated glass lites for
sound attenuation.

Spacer Types
A thermoset, silicone spacer with integral desiccant is used. According to Quanex, the supplier,
this spacer provides a unique triple seal design which incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive
seal for immediate unit handling, a polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention
and low moisture vapor transmission, and an outer silicone seal for proven structural strength
and superior durability.