Custom Bent Glass Case Manufacturer

Bringing bent glass creations to life takes a true expert. Whether you’re building a translucent partition or a decorative railing, every glass structure must be crafted with great attention to detail, delicate care, and expertise. At Bent Glass Design, we create high-quality bent glass for interior architectural and exterior architectural markets all over the world, but our capabilities go beyond that.

Our curved glass specialists are also skilled at building glass cases and fixtures for all kinds of displays. Bent glass cases can be a beautiful and versatile way to display everything from furniture and lighting to jewelry and food in commercial shops. We’ll be happy to work with you to create a glass case that suits your needs and vision.

Glass Case Designer & Builder

An expertly made glass case can take your retail shop to a new level. Showcase your best products in a dignified case of any shape, size, or color. The classic elegance and contemporary design work together to draw attention to your display and impress your customers with what’s inside.

The professionals at Bent Glass Design can help you design a custom bent glass case that enhances the look of your space and the products on display. We can curve your glass case into almost any shape and give it decorative qualities that add more visual interest to your shop. As one of the leaders in the bent glass field with over 30 years of experience, no one is better equipped or more qualified to bring your glass display case to life than we are.

To get started on a custom bent glass case with the Bent Glass Design team, call us at 215-441-9101 today!