Bent Glass Jewelry Cases

When you’re selling jewelry, the heart of your shop is your displays. The sparkling golds, silvers, diamonds, and other precious stones are what catch the eye of your customers and make them fall in love with a piece. It’s important, therefore, that your displays are always showcasing your products in their best light.

At Bent Glass Designs, we create custom glass jewelry cases for retail shops that make your pieces shine. When customers catch a glimpse of your jewelry in one of our bent glass cases, they won’t be able to resist taking something home.

Custom Jewelry Store Glass Case Fixture

Jewelry stores typically have two main concerns when it comes to their products—keeping them secure and showing them off. Our bent glass jewelry cases do both. When you use our jewelry fixtures, your display will be as stunning as the jewels you’re selling, and you can rest assured that your pieces are safe.

We use only the highest quality glass to build cases that are stylish, sturdy, and secure. If you’d like, we can even make your fixture using chemically strengthened glass, which can protect your jewelry products even more effective and is resistant to scratching and cracking. Chemically strengthened glass is also ideal for bent glass jewelry cases because there is no optical distortion, meaning customers will be able to view the full beauty of your products through the display.

The Bent Glass Designs team will work with you to create a custom jewelry store case that suits the style of your space and the look of your jewelry. Whatever shape, type of glass, or color you think will best show off your pieces, we can bring your ideal case to life.

Showcase your jewelry in a display as beautiful as your products with a bent glass jewelry case from Bent Glass Designs. Contact us today to get started with a free quote!