Since 1988, Bent Glass Design has made interesting, useful and long-lasting curved glass for a variety of architectural applications. Bent Glass Design is a curved glass manufacturer, creating custom glass structures that conform to safety and industry standards, making it easy to create attractive, artistic glass that is also safe and reliable.

Your glass can be bent and curved into almost any shape, including sharp bends up to 90 degrees and compound bends for a wide range of more complex shapes. Curved glass may be used for stair railings, partitions to divide a room while maintaining an open aesthetic, walls to partially separate conference rooms or offices, skylights, windows, doors and much more. Bent Glass Design will work with you to create curved glass that suits the look and layout of your building. With the right tint, shape, size and edgework details, your glass will fit seamlessly into the room and elevate the look and feel of the space. Your glass may be clear and uncoated for complete transparency, or tinted with bronze, gray, green or blue shades. It can also include a variety edgework patterns to add distinctive flair. A glass tint will prevent sunlight from heating a room, reducing energy costs, and reducing the bleaching effects of sunlight on fabrics.

Give Bent Glass Design a call today to learn more about how custom curved glass can be seamlessly integrated into your home or office.